Reading 2016 {Part Two} 

Thursday, Day One, 25. August: sweaty, wet, sticky mess Friday, Day Two, 26. August: INSANE. I was in the very front of the crowd for Twenty Øne Pilots and thought I was going to die. I touched the singer. Held the drums over my head and held them while he played the drums. And then... Continue Reading →

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Today, I cooked my first whole chicken {well two of them} and they turned out AMAZING. Today, was the first time I de-gibleting a chicken. Today, was the first time I used a meat thermometer. Today, I actually dumped a newly opened bottle of wine down the sink because it was disgusting. Today, I used... Continue Reading →

Wow, I am sore!

  Wow, am I sore! Together with Love is an annual race that the Monterey County Rape Crisis Center hosts on the beautiful Monterey Coast. This was the second year I was able to participate and I am so glad that I was able to! This year was exceptionally beautiful! Not only was it a... Continue Reading →

where is my fire?

Decisions. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Where is life going to take me next? I am so torn between doing something that would make my summer great and something that could possible start my career. Am I ready for my career to start? I'm not sure yet... I am driven by my desire to travel and see... Continue Reading →

snow, sunshine & friends

I am so happy that I have a group of friends that can meet up for a weekend and we haven't seen each other for a year or more and still, no matter where we are in our life, we can hang out, be ourselves and still have one hell of a good time. We... Continue Reading →

Here & now 

Many people asked me what my "New Years resolution" is going to be..... "be happier" "enjoy life more" "travel more" "smile more" "this and that"...and honestly, I am happy with my life and I have done a lot this year. Wow, where have I been over this year...? I have traveled over 7 countries, 17,000... Continue Reading →


So, I found this amazing quote that I think acutely describes me and my fellow travelers: I am currently in the "fun" part of this quote - the work phase:  I had an amazing time traveling the past month and a half!  I have found two jobs and am working my butt off! I barely... Continue Reading →

Italien Eating

Food is one of the best ways to experience Italy and believe me - DO NOT SKIMP - eat it all. GELATO  PIZZA PASTA MANGIA - MANGIA - MANGIA MEAT DRINKS If an Italien asks if you would like wine - DO IT. If an Italien asks you if you would like expresso after a... Continue Reading →

Praha, 2016 

My planning of this entire trip has been COMPLETELY random ans sporadic. Well, I guess that kind of the beauty of traveling! I bought a ticket between London, England to Helsinki, Finland before I had bought a ticket to London. I had booked my hostel in Prague before I knew exactly when I was leaving... Continue Reading →

Finland {things I noticed}

The more I am here in Finland the more I am mesmerised and interested by it
! First, You will not understand a damn thing! Finnish is so difficult  And Finland has two official national languages. So everything is written first in Finnish and then underneath the Finnish, everything is written in Swedish ....on EVERYTHING. But,... Continue Reading →

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